Thrive 717 Powerful Massager

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Top quality Thrive 717 Powerful Massager
Helps to instantly reduce the pain in different areas of the body
Comes with the 3 interchangeable heads
Helps to improve the circulation of blood in the body
Made in Japan
Speed 2500rpm – 3800rpm.
Power: 13W
Voltage: AC 50/60Hz
Weight: 950g

Package Contains:
1 x Thrive 717 Powerful Massager

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Features and Benefits:

This massager combines a vertical motion with an irregular rotary motion which raises massaging effects. This product can clear blood vessel, the twig of capillary vessel in particular. Blood circulation will be

promoted immediately and vibration relive you muscle from fatigue, beautiful and firm you skin.

3 interchangeable heads soothe all areas of the body and vibrating massage

Hand-held massager THRIVE 717. Professional massage to restore pozvonochnika, activating cells, improving immune system, for training, internal organs, etc.

Continual use of the massage device THRIVE 717 reduces back pain, lower back, neck, pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.

Applies as for cosmetic purposes – wrinkles, eliminates fat deposits including cellulite. Its impact can be both gentle and fairly strong, but always very soft

Light weight vibrating percussion body massager hammer.

This Handy Massager is able to accelerate blood circulation, relax our muscles and eliminate the pains caused by the tense sport.

Thrive 717 powerful massager is the best and economical product which is exclusively available at your trusted

This product is helping huge numbers of customers and the success rate is amazing. . It is true that there are lots of products and cheap massaging items are available in the market but we strongly recommend you that don’t go with ordinary products if you want the best results.

This massager contains a powerful massaging pad in the comfortable material. This machine can be heated ideally to help you calculate the blood properly. Its temperature can rise till 55 degree centigrade. If you use this product for a long time, you can find the best solution to get rid of a backache, neck pain, shoulder pain, etc. You can get lowest guaranteed.


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