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Features and Benefits:

  • Transparent and Invisible Design: It can do 4 cm Height without being noticed by anyone even when put in shoes. Because it is a transparent insole.
  • Soft Silicone Can Be Used Repeatedly: Height increase insole is softly protecting heel with 100% silicone material, with high adsorption power, it does not move in shoes, so you can use any shoes such as shoes, athletic shoes, mountaineering shoes. These Long Lasting Heel Cushion Inserts are Durable, Re-Usable to make Great Shoe Lifts for Women or Men.
  • 5-layer Detachable & Adjustable Design: You can adjust the height by attaching or detaching the removable insert, it can be adjusted to your favorite height. Maximum + 4 cm tall UP! Troubles of height are settled at a stretch.
  • Relieve Tiredness: Premium silicon heel gels grip pads soften the impact on your sore foot, feet are comfortable. It has a shock absorption effect and keeps your feet healthy. Great for Running, Walking, and Standing All Day Longlist is comfortable even in wearing for a long time in socks.
  • 360° Bending, No Trace of Restoration: It is made of 100% silica gel. Its silica gel Q is soft and elastic, resistant to bending, and not easy to delamination and fracture.
  • Washing Method: The Silicone Gel Shoes Insole Can be washed by hand and dried in the air. Warm water, gentle hand, naturally dry, reusable, long-term use will not be flat deformation
  • Confidence means keeping your head up, and nothing keeps it higher than being tall. Coming up short on dates or interviews? Don’t worry: The Foot Dr. Instant Elevation Therapeutic Gel Insoles will give you a lift.
  • Go ahead; take a stand. The idea of height insoles originated from Asia where they are a phenomenon. Millions of people across the world are wearing these adjustable Lefties today, right now. Celebrities are also known to use this product as well as working professionals who know their height can have a substantial effect on their career aspirations and respect.
  • People often find themselves asking the question, ‘how can I grow taller, what is the secret to growing taller or how can I grow taller?’ This Foot Dr. Instant Elevation Therapeutic Gel Insoles provides the exact product you need – making you taller.


  • Anti-slip design Material: Silicone Plastic
  • Insole Type: Height Increase Insole
  • Indications: Height
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Dimensions:24*10.16*20.32 cm

Package Contains:

  • 1 x Instant Elevate 5cm


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