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Imagine B is an advanced natural composition consisting of 23 natural herbs and vitamins.

This combination increases blood circulation in the brain, sexual organs and heart to rejuvenate them to function more efficiently, and overcome stress even.

Additionally, Imagine B also improves hormone imbalance and boosts pure and natural energy production, which leads stress relief too.

ONE tablet a day has an impact and is good for General Health.

Some of the main ingredients include:

ALFALFA treats digestive disorders, water retention and Arthritis.
BEE POLLEN has anti-inflammatory properties and relaxes muscles.
BETA CAROTENE helps cells reproduce and stimulate immunity.
CAYENNE treats the circulation system and relieves the pains of Arthritis.
COENZYME Q10 aids metabolic reactions ATP and heart function.
ECHINACEA supports the Immune system, treats colds and flu.
GARLIC supports the cardiovascular system, and is antibacterial/viral/fungal
GINKGO BILOBA improves memory, prevents clots and improves Brain function.
KOLA NUT stimulates nervous system and relieves migraines.
SIBERIAN GINSENG detoxifies harmful toxins and improves stamina
GOLDEN SEAL heals inflammation in digestive, respiratory, urinary systems.
GOTU KOLA boosts mental activity and improves wound healing and injuries.
GURANA assists diarrhoea, stimulates nervous system and optimises metabolic rate.
HAWTHORN heals the Heart and lowers high blood pressure.
LICORICE is an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and treats viral hepatitis
YELLOW DOCK aids digestion, treats skin conditions and cleans the blood.
VITAMIN C is required for collagen production and prevents oxidative stress.
VITAMIN E protects cell membranes and reduces risk of heart disease.


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