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Item Type: Electric massager

Model: B11

Material: ABS

Color: Dispatched randomly.

Voltage: 220V

Rated power: 66

Power Source: Electronic

Package Contains:

1 x Multifunctional Electric Hammer Massager

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Features and Benefits:

One power key for free operation, 15 levels massage dynamics, 48 kinds of beating mode. Comfortable beating and transmission by hot pack.

The beating massager can breathe, it adopt special design theory, and the heat comes from beating film and 32 breath holes wounded on working condition.

It apply to skin and muscle, realize transmission type hot pack, to achieve better health care. Multi usage and easy operation.

People could hold the handle when massage the far area of body or grasp the head when massage the near area of body. Also massage the back you could keep it between body and back of the chair.

Integrate multi massage modes and different beating strengths the distinguishes enjoy elegant gift design especially for high end great gifts for friends and relatives.

Move randomly and accurately position unique design beating fully body massager. Intelligent technology and perfect experiences.

Integrate leading intelligent chip in domestic and the most reasonable imitate real people beating mode. The distinguishes enjoy elegant gift design especially for high end great gifts for friends and relatives.

This product is innovative electric beating massager, it adopts leading intelligent chip in domestic, integrate multi massage modes and different beating strengths, using this product, it not only saving energy, the

beat and rate beyond human operation.

The strength beating function could filter muscular tissue, along with special transmission type not hot pack, it could relieve channels and collaterals, enhance blood circulation, effectively relieve all kinds of ache and pain.

Using this product regularly, take care of your health. Attention: Baby pregnant and people with heart disease are not allowed to use this product. Please do not do the massage by beating frail body part (such as the head or abdomen etc.).

It may turn off automatically when the beating function area becomes hot after 20 minutes continuous use. This is not fault, please turn on after a while for use. This product is non waterproof, could not wash in water, and avoid damage.

Tied and weak. Relax mentally and physically, remove fatigue.

Sleepless and dreaminess. Improve sleep quality, dynamic.

Pain and ache. Effectively relieve ache on neck, shoulder, back, and wrist, joint.

Dizziness, tinnitus, chill. Relieve channels and collaterals.

Indigestion. Promote metabolism, improve gastrointestinal function.

Sickly. Improve immunity, strength, resistance


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