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Special features:
Combination of radio frequency and massaging effect helps to reduce wrinkles and tone, tighten and smooth your skin. It also creates enriched oxygen that clean and purify and refresh your skin surface.
Helps to reduce pores size and smooth rough skin surface – Oxygenate gives a new fresh look to the rutted surface. No makeup or face lotion required.
Tight loose skin – instant 100,000 rounds per second make your skin more fresh and tightened.
Lips: helps to make your lips more soft and kissable by reducing vertical lines.
Swollen eyes: helps to reduce the appearance of dark circle under the eye.
Package includes:
1 x Derma Wand Machine

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Features and Benefits:
THERMAL ENERGY: The gentle microcurrent delivers thermal energy to the dermal areas under your skin’s surface and increasing dermal skin temperature may help support your skin’s natural healthy look.

I​NSTANT STIMULATION: DermaWand delivers gentle microcurrent at 100,000 cycles per second, producing a massage effect. Massage helps improve circulation and bring fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface.
ENRICHED OXYGEN: DermaWand gives off enriched oxygen which bathes your skin while you’re using it. You’ll recognize the smell; it’s that fresh, clean “after a rainstorm” fragrance. Enriched oxygen will help breathe new life into your skin’s surface and is a natural cleanser that helps reduce pore size.
TIME DURATION: stream of low level micro-current impulses up to 168,000 cycles per second
Look YEARS younger with clinically proven technology that visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles!
Skin can appear lifted, toned, tightened with reduced pore size and improved texture.
Helps improve crow’s feet, laugh Lines, lip lines, forehead wrinkles and saggy necks skin.
Proven results, at home use, affordable, safe and painless, Millions sold worldwide
Using radio frequency technology, the DermaWand provides instant stimulation, massage, thermal energy and enriched oxygen to restore your youthful complexion, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
Clinically proven to improve your appearance. Skin appears more lifted, toned and tightened. Reduces enlarged pores and evens skin tone and texture. Improves crow’s feet, laugh lines, lion’s brow, forehead wrinkles and vertical lip lines. Proven results, at home use, affordable, safe and painless.
Millions sold worldwide.
How Derma wand woks:
Radio frequency Technology (wave action) used in the dermawand is same as that is used in specialized treatment to reduce the signs of premature skin wrinkles used by doctors. The difference is that of intensity, dermawand uses lower amplitude as that of the treatment used by doctors that why derma wand is perfect for daily use in home. The best part of this device is, you can get younger looking skin in days with only 3 to 5 mints of daily use in your home with comfort.
How to use DermaWand:
1: Remove the cap from the head of derma wand main unit and plug into the socket.
2: Moment you, plug into the socket it starts to emit radio frequency (wave action) and bulb starts blinking. You may feel tingling sensation at the time of touching the bulb.
3: Place the bulb directly on your skin and rub the same on clock and anti clock wise direction for 4 to 5 mints a day.


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